Swing Tickets

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  • Printed bespoke to your requirements

  • All materials

  • Print on both sides

  • Industrial and retail applications

  • Full eyeletting and stringing service

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picture of double sided Swing tickets picture of folded booklet swing tickets Picture of heart shaped swing tickets

Swing tickets are a flexible marketing tool that ensures every customer gets all the information needed for the product purchased. In addition they can be used to supply associated product information, thus increasing sales. We are a major supplier of swing tickets and tags. Our range includes simple 2 page tags for product marking, printed in one colour only, text and some decorative lines. They are often used as name and address tags or simple, easy to understand product information tags. However we also supply extremely sophisticated, multi page tags, printed in up to 10 colours, including pictures and detailed instructions; image making or image strengthening, a hole with or without an eyelet, stitches, different strings, different paper from crude, uncoated carton to coated art material for high quality printing of pictures. We can produce coloured foil blocking, including gold and silver, as well as matt or gloss lamination. The full list of products available for this sector are too far ranging to list in full, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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