Benefits of Domed Labels
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Benefits of Domed Labels

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Benefits of Domed Labels
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posted in Recent jobs and industry news by Gary Lovell on 16:29 Feb 5th, 2019

 There are many advantages to using domed labels. They are a very popular option for many businesses, no matter the size. Getting your brand noticed is probably the biggest reason to use domed labels - they stand out.

The aesthetic appeal alone is worth the investment. When a consumer is scanning the shelves for a product, they are searching for something that will catch their eye – a product that stands out among the myriad of similar products. The 3D aesthetic adds depth to the product and contributes hugely to this appeal, which is further enhanced by the glossy look of the label.

Domed labels stand out and are appealing, making it easier to clearly get a message across. They can be manufactured in any shape and contain any form of information that is required, making it only a benefit to employing them into your business practices. It gives the customer a clear view of your logo or information, which can increase your customer base.

Domed labels have the ability to withstand various deterioration factors such as high UV, chemical exposure and other sorts of environmental extremes. They are scratch and heat resistant, and the colour will never fade, making them long-lasting and consistently effective for indoor and outdoor usage. The durability of domed labels means that your product’s logo will always be visible as a continued advertisement in someone’s home.

The tactile appeal of domed labels is what makes them stand out the most. Your label will not just look great but feel good to the touch, as well. It is said that a consumer spends approximately 5 seconds scanning a shelf for a product. When they take a product off the shelf, they are that much closer to purchasing it. Having a domed logo and/label adds to the customer’s experience. They take your product off the shelf because they want to feel the domed label. It’s human nature.

Flat labels are all over the market which your competitors, as well as yourself, utilize with logos, product, and service information using a variety of fonts and colours. This makes it unlikely to stand out through design aspects alone. Domed labels have a three-dimensional effect and tactile surface which is highly noticeable and is an instant advantage over your competitors.

We would love the opportunity to show you how domed labels can help grow your customer base. Give us a call today to see how.

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