Bottle Neckers are Fantastic and Cost-Effective
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Bottle Neckers are Fantastic and Cost-Effective

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Bottle Neckers are Fantastic and Cost-Effective
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posted in Recent jobs and industry news by Gary Lovell on 13:27 Jun 6th, 2019

 Bottle neckers, also known as bottle neck tags or bottle neck hangers are becoming an increasingly popular point of purchase technique for wine and other beverage producers, and makers of other items sold in bottles such as health, hygiene and food products.

They are great for promotions, coupons, recipes or an inspirational message for your current or potential customers. Bottle neckers create an immediate call to action right at the point of sale. They attract a consumer's attention to your product, helping to promote your brand and help communicate who you are to your consumers.

Utilizing bottle neckers to decorate your bottle with information or a promotion will help your brand stand out from the rest and increase sales. By adding a little extra marketing messaging and flare with a bottle neck tag your product will command the attention it deserves. But don't think they are just for wine or drinks, they can be used for salad dressing, shampoo bottles, medicinals, olive oil, sauce bottles and more. Basically, anything with a neck to hang it from.

The image you put on the cover of a bottle necker is sure to grab your customer’s attention. If it’s a booklet-type, the image and information on the front should make customers want to open the piece and see what's inside. Once the piece is unfolded it can showcase the different products, perhaps, that are offered and could include a description of each.

The information on a bottle necker could be ‘your story’ or the product’s ‘journey’ from conception to shelf. It could be a contest, a coupon or a promotion. It could include your contact information as well as an invitation to sign up for your newsletter or to visit your website. All of these can help you familiarize consumers with your product line. The more a consumer becomes knowledgeable about your product, the more likely they are to invest in it and to be somewhat of a spokesperson for it to their friends.                                     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