Custom Stickering - A Great Marketing Tool
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Custom Stickering - A Great Marketing Tool

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Custom Stickering - A Great Marketing Tool
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posted in Recent jobs and industry news by Gary Lovell on 16:32 Feb 5th, 2019

Stickers are often overlooked in the world of advertising. LabelService can create stickers in almost any size and shape and, when done professionally, can only add value to your product. Custom stickers can be used by small, medium and large businesses for promotions, highlighting something unique about the product or just as an addition to your label and logo, to name a few ideas.

Both stickers and labels, themselves, can be custom made to order in any shape or size. No need to stick with a square or rectangular shape. How about a triangle, circular, or diamond shape?  When using a sticker in addition to your label, the shape can be very important. You want the sticker to stand out – you want consumers to read your label and have their eyes pulled toward the sticker as a bonus.

We can print any amount needed, whether your using a sticker for a time-limited promotion or for a constant addition to your label. Digital printing has allowed us to offer these products in many colours and shapes and keep them cost-effective regardless of the number of stickers you require.

Some companies have a policy of giving out free custom stickers with any order, giving even more encouragement for their brand name to be talked about and spread further. Customers usually end up using these stickers on laptops, phones or bags which all count as free advertising for you! Furthermore, you could offer custom stickers out in the street as a freebie to passers-by, hoping a few of them go on to use them on their possessions.

If you are mailing out your product, a sticker can be placed on the package or put inside for your customer to use. Adding a custom sticker to your customer’s order can really send out a message that you care about each individual customer and their product, potentially boosting customer service reviews. You can also use custom stickers as a jazzy alternative to more standard-issue address labels.

The possibilities are endless. If you want to grow your business, think about using stickers in very creative ways. They will pay off in the long run.

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