Eye-Catching Embossed Labels
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Eye-Catching Embossed Labels

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Eye-Catching Embossed Labels
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posted in Recent jobs and industry news by Gary Lovell on 13:20 Jun 6th, 2019

Embossing is truly the art of standing out. A three-dimensional effect is achieved when an aspect of the label, like an image or text, is pressed into the material, allowing it to “rise above” the rest of the packaging. While great design can be achieved with flat labels, an embossed label will grab the attention of your consumer by virtue alone.

The depth accomplished takes your product from visually appealing to something that must be touched and handled. Touching a product significantly increases the likelihood of that product being purchased, as well as increasing the price willing to be paid for the product. Embossed labels transform your beer, wine, food, health or beauty product from enticing to necessary.

We understand the care and quality that goes into making your product great and want to communicate that to new consumers through your labels. Embossed labels not only stand out from the competition on the shelves, but communicate a sophistication and attention to detail that is often unmatched. When tangibly and visually taking in the quality of a Blue Label digitally printed embossed label, there will be no question as to the caliber of the contents therein. Give your customer the unique experience they deserve.

Embossing adds a dimension of design complexity that sets your product apart from competitors, allowing the designs to reach new heights of depth and engagement. The effect is created using a die.. If the image rises up above the label surface it is "embossed". If it sinks down below the label surface it is "debossed". Embossing is frequently combined with foil or used in areas of your label with printed art or text. A "Blind Emboss" means no ink or foil is used in combination with emboss, resulting in a very subtle effect.

Embossing or debossing is frequently applied to logo or product names on label designs. Embossing specific area of your labels design elements is an effective way to make those areas stand out. As with spot varnishes, applying special treatments or finishing options to targeted design elements creates an instant point of interest on your labels. 

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