Health and Safety Labels are Important
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Health and Safety Labels are Important

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Health and Safety Labels are Important
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posted in Recent jobs and industry news by Gary Lovell on 16:34 Feb 5th, 2019

 Whether you are a small, medium or large business, having an established set of health and safety procedures is absolutely essential. Labelling items and equipment to help your staff (and customers if you interact with them) can aid them in the event of a fire, accident or injury on your premises. A company compliant with health and safety legislation and regulations provides accurate and up to date training, safety equipment and reminders about specific health and safety protocol around the work place.

Ultimately, you are responsible for the safety of your employees. With that in mind, using health and safety labels to help individuals correctly identify an item can help avoid incidents. By properly labelling your products, you can take a big step towards ensuring a safer working environment. Most important of all, health and safety is a legal requirement - you are duty-bound to ensure the safety of your employees. As a business owner, accurate labelling of hazardous areas or substances is part of this mandate.

Any workplace can potentially be at risk from a fire outbreak or other life-threatening dangers like electric shocks, gas leaks or injuries from leaked substances. By utilising fire safety stickers, you can signpost the locations of firefighting equipment like extinguishers, fire alarms and fire hoses; electrical safety stickers can be used to show potential electric shock dangers to people using specific equipment, or for servicing and maintenance crews about to assess a piece of equipment. Danger and warning labels, as well as electrical safety stickers like lockout labels for maintenance crews, are a popular choice.

Also bear in mind that every industry is different and has its own specific set of health and safety guidelines, so get your labels organised to ensure you comply with UK law. This is especially important in industries such as catering or construction that are known to use various chemicals or other dangerous substances - it is illegal for these types of items to be incorrectly labelled.

Health and safety labels are also a great way of helping employees learn on the job. If everything is labelled correctly and they go by the descriptions on those health and safety labels, employees will be able to quickly pick up an understanding.

Prohibition labels are extremely useful and are widespread across almost all workplaces and public areas. Signposting no -smoking, as an example, is a reminder to customers and to employees that they cannot smoke. At the same time, it protects you and your company from legal ramifications.

Providing workers with PPE can be a requirement, depending on the job, but ensuring that workers are reminded of when to use this equipment is also an important consideration for any company. 

With mandatory labels, you can inform your employees when equipment like lab coats, hand protection, safety footwear, or safety helmets are required to be worn; in doing so you can cut down on accidents in the workplace. Having a visual reminder of safety equipment required can go a long way in preventing serious injury.

When handling any substances, workers should be aware of potential dangers they may face. Utilizing GHS regulation labels and CHIP stickers can clearly identify a range of substances and their dangers before they handle them; this can also help them identify what PPE they may need to use before handling. The bottom line is simple - use health and safety labels wherever you can to help you, your staff and customers identify hazardous items or areas to avoid unnecessary incidents.

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