Holographic Labels for Decorative, Security, or Bo
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Holographic Labels for Decorative, Security, or Bo

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Holographic Labels for Decorative, Security, or Bo
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posted in Recent jobs and industry news by Gary Lovell on 13:27 Jun 6th, 2019

 Holographic labels easily catch the eye of consumers, inviting them to pick up your product and examine the label more closely, but they are more than just pretty, flashy, and eye-catching. They can help secure and authenticate your products, documents, and services. Hologram security labels are difficult to forge, copy, or alter because of the prismatic properties of the holographic foil.

A hologram is an image that has been printed in such a way that it appears to be three dimensional, even though it’s on a 2D surface. Security labels usually use holographic foil for their 3D effects. Holographic foil is thin plastic sheeting that has an image printed on it with a laser. First, a single image is captured from many angles. Then all those angles are printed onto the foil. The result is a picture that looks three-dimensional even though it is flat. The patterns can be simple – regular or slightly irregular shapes, or lines of text – because they don’t need to be very complex to resist tampering or counterfeiting.

The label material used under the holographic foil is generally a light-diffracting metallic silver, as the holographic images “pop” more against a shiny or bright background. When moved, the diffracted light makes colours and shapes appear to shift and move. Some people add a tamper-evident layer to their labels. If someone tries to peel off the label, a residue will remain behind in a regular pattern. The most usual residue patterns are the word “VOID” repeated across the surface the label was stuck to, or checkerboard or dot patterns.

You can use holographic security labels to protect your products and increase their visibility and shelf-appeal. You can also be use them to authenticate documents or other items such as membership passes, autographed items, event tickets; the list is endless.

Blank holographic stickers can be used as seals or package closures. But you probably want text, graphics, or serial numbers printed over the holographic foil. The labels can be very effective when “reverse printed” with black or another dark colour, leaving the holographic foil to show through the text or the open spaces in the graphics. This method may also increase text readability.

As a part of your marketing, holographic labels catch the eye of the consumer. That is the first step you want consumers to take – notice your product on the shelf among your competitors. The next step you want consumers to take is to take your product off the shelf. With a holographic label or seal, your product will entice consumers to do just that and we all know that once a product has been taken off the shelf for a closer look, it is most often purchased.

Labelservice are major suppliers of custom holographic labels for use as either decorative or security purposes.  We supply bespoke designs and images tailored to your specifications, in either short or longer runs. We can either digitally print single colour or full colour onto several stock holographic base materials, or we can print a hologram of your choice onto a white or clear label. We can produce your logos or corporate identity with no minimum quantity, supplied on rolls or sheets.  Digital technology also means variable text, coding or imagery can be added. Please contact us for further information or samples.

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