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LabelService Offers What you Need

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LabelService Offers What you Need
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posted in Recent jobs and industry news by Gary Lovell on 18:12 Mar 7th, 2019

 At LabelService, we offer a wide variety of labelling materials and designs that can be printed digitally, for convenience and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re launching a new product or revamping your label for a product you’ve carried for years, the business of label printing is very large and can be daunting to navigate, especially if you’re new to it or have never used digitally-printed labels for your products.

We believe LabelService offers you the best service and pricing but if you’re shopping around for a printing service, here are some factors to consider when talking to us and other digital label companies, so you can be sure to get consistent quotes that won’t lead to surprise charges down the line.

Ask about the cost of different run sizes. One of the benefits of digital printing is the speed in which labels can be printed and the size of the run. LabelService has many years of experience dealing with small to large companies and welcome all customers, no matter their size. Turn-around times are also important. Knowing how quickly your labels can be printing is a must. Short and quick runs help tremendously if you’re planning seasonal or limited-edition products. You might also want to ask about the design and management process so you can accurately gauge how long it’ll take to get your labels from start to finish.

Material costs is another factor to consider. Be sure to sit down with a consultant and talk about the various materials and their costs. What if you want to change the material being used? Is the printing service able to swap out different materials easily? Does it add to the cost of your labels? How flexible is the service? Request a quote with side-by-side quotes on different run sizes and materials. While some digital label printing services want you to know exactly what you want, at LabelService we’ll sit down with you and consult on your best options.

Ensure your labels can be printed just as you imagined them to look like. Ask for test runs and proofs. Whether you want embossing with a few colours or a full array of colours, you worked hard on the conception and should feel confident that your labels will truly reflect your brand. LabelService will work with you to ensure that your labels are Just as you imagined, or better. Our team strives to deliver quality labels and we aren’t satisfied until you, our customer, are happy with your labels.

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