Let Your Product Shine Through with Clear Labels
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Let Your Product Shine Through with Clear Labels

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Let Your Product Shine Through with Clear Labels
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posted in Recent jobs and industry news by Gary Lovell on 18:11 Mar 7th, 2019

 If you have designed your product to be in a clear container, allowing customers to see the actual product, you need to consider whether you want to cover up your product with a coloured, non-transparent label or to go with a clear label. A clear label can have a strong opaque white print on it to create a bold look to your colourful products. Consider drink bottles. Sometimes it’s important for the consumer to be able to see the actual liquid inside. The same goes for candles and even dish soap. The colour of the liquid or candle can appeal directly to the consumer and make them feel good about using your product.

A non-transparent label can be bold, bright, and eye-catching when applied to a product in a box, tin or a covered container. You can’t see the product anyway, so the label is very important in describing and selling the product. You can cover the whole package with information, emotive designs and pictures of the product. In these cases, the label has to be ‘the face’ of the product. But if your product is in a clear container such as drinks and candles, you may want to consider a transparent label.

Fruit and vegetable juices are a good example of how well a transparent label can work. The ability for you to show the colour and texture of the drink, for instance, can be mouth-watering for the consumer. It is also a great way for them to remember which flavour they like the most. Your branding is visible on the product while allowing the customer to choose which product they enjoyed in the past and which ones they’d like to try. Clear labels are less intrusive and customers will appreciate that.

Products such as candles also gain loyalty and new customers by labelling them with a clear label. A candle is a home decoration and the consumer wants it to fit in with their décor. This can prove difficult if it has a large label covering it. It becomes a product in their home rather than a decoration. There are some candles that have a half package wrapped around it but when you remove the package, there is nothing on the candle that shows the brand. This defeats the purpose of a label as an advertisement in one’s home. Believe it or not, brands around a home are noticed by visitors and can be an extended way of advertisement.

A clear label, with subtle yet effective branding, not only reminds the owner of what brand they enjoy purchasing but it can also be a discussion piece leading to word of mouth advertising. So next time you want to label your product, think about using a clear label to put the focus on your product.

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