The Basics of Security Labels
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The Basics of Security Labels

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The Basics of Security Labels
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posted in Recent jobs and industry news by Gary Lovell on 13:21 Jan 19th, 2019

 As you all know, security is important. For this reason, tamper evident labels and general security labels are used to deter counterfeiting, price switching and warranty maintenance, to name a few. Thanks to secured inventory management and controlled distribution services, security needs can be controlled and ultimately achieved.

Before a security label is created for a product, one must determine what level of security is needed: low, medium, or high risk. The higher the risk the more features the label must have. If your product is a high-value product that might see counterfeiting opportunities, then your security needs to be assessed as high-risk. Keeping your label on your product for branding reasons, such as a candle that you want the label to remain on the product to be seen by others, then your security needs are low.

Tamper evident security labels come in all shapes and sizes. Holograms, colour change inks, micro text, consecutive numbered, bar-coded and destructible labels are just a few variations to mention. Tamper evident labels are also a form of security label sticker. They can be made from paper or film materials. The simplest form of tamper proof is done with tooling or putting cuts in certain places so once the label is applied to a surface and someone tries to remove it, the label is removed, the label will tear, and it will be evident that the label has been tampered with.

Other designs include a visually apparent, fragmented residue which can indicate that the security of the product has been breached. This helps to eliminate the possibility of label switching. These labels can help with product warranty issues, to prevent consumers from tampering with electronic equipment and any other product that they are applied to.

One of the most popular types of security labels, tamper seals using ultra destructible materials, typically PVC (vinyl) or acetate, are one of the most basic and established techniques to ensure that a label cannot be removed and reapplied at all. The technique works by using a very weak and brittle substrate and aggressive adhesive to ensure that the label disintegrates into many components if any attempt is made to remove it. We can supply the labels completely pre-printed or plain for subsequent overprinting of variable information such as barcodes, batch numbers etc. Give LabelService a call for all of your labelling needs.

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