Tips for Labelling a Bottle
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Tips for Labelling a Bottle

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Tips for Labelling a Bottle
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posted in Recent jobs and industry news by Gary Lovell on 13:26 Jun 6th, 2019

 The word bottle conjures up an image of a cylindrical item with a tapered neck leading to the opening at the top. If fact, a bottle can be many different shapes. At LabelService, we have designed and/or printed labels for square, triangular, and tapered bottles to name a few. Whatever shape your product bottle is in, we can create a label for. Your product may be the most important element but when it comes to labelling, the shape of the bottle will determine the look of your product.

You have some flexibility when labelling a round bottle. This allows your label to wrap completely around the circumference of the bottle so the label edges overlap or you can allow a gap between the label edges. Leaving a gap is sometimes best so that you can show off more of the colour of your product. The height of your label, however, usually has less leeway – you must evaluate only the truly “flat” parts of the bottle’s sides and where the “shoulder” of the bottle starts. This is especially important if the bottle has ridges and therefore a smaller labelling area.

A round bottle doesn’t need a wraparound label either. You can put any shape of label on it. The only limitation is the height of the label – so that it doesn’t extend past where the bottle starts to to taper.

Any shape of bottle other than round can add some flair and distinction to your product. A square bottle, for instance, can give it a modern, geometric look. Sometimes it is the variance in the bottle shape that will draw consumers to your product. To label a square bottle you can either have your label wrap around like you would a round bottle or you can label 1-2 panels (e.g. front panel for the logo and product name, back panel for Nutrition facts and barcode). You’ll just need to decide whether you want a clear or standard label.

“Tapered” refers to a bottle that changes dimensions from one end to the other, whether it’s narrow on top and gradually widens towards the base or vice versa. To determine if your bottle is tapered, simply take something that has a straight-edge, such as an index card or ruler, and place it alongside the container’s edge. If you can see a gap between the straight edge and the container, the bottle is tapered.

A part of a bottle, regardless of the shape, that is often neglected is the neck. Something as seemingly small as bottleneck labels can add that special extra detail that differentiates your brand from competitors. Logos help brands communicate their identity while also making it easier for consumers to remember the brand through symbols, graphics, or images. By putting a logo on bottleneck labels, consumers are more likely to take note of your brand.

Labels on bottles can only be so big before they start to look funky or cause label issues. Bottleneck labels, however, allow you to add more design space to products without detracting from the product’s look. Store shelves and e-commerce websites are packed with products which can start to blend together as customers walk down an aisle or scroll through a page. Adding an eye-catching detail, like a foil or custom shaped bottleneck label, decreases the chance of a customer passing by your product without a second glance.

Whatever the shape of your bottle, LabelService can help you with the perfect label. Our years of experience in the industry means we have printed labels for every shape imaginable. Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

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