Ultra-Destructible Labels - How They Work
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Ultra-Destructible Labels - How They Work

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Ultra-Destructible Labels - How They Work
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posted in Recent jobs and industry news by Gary Lovell on 13:28 Jun 6th, 2019

 While a lot of your labels are required to be indestructible, destructible labels also have their place. Use ultra-destructible labels to spot evidence of tampering, deter theft, and prevent item swapping, rebranding, or counterfeiting. Destructible labels cannot be removed in one piece, so they cannot be reused. They fragment easily, so it is difficult to remove them completely from a tagged item.

Labels are one of the preferred means for supporting and integrating all kinds of security features. Labels provide a support that is accessible in terms of implementation and costs. They allow for many shape factors, and also different levels of authenticity verification. For example, with adhesive labels, the possibilities for integrating concealed/invisible security functions on the label surface, in the paper, or even in the adhesive itself, are numerous and extremely varied.

Destructible vinyl labels are made of a material that rips and tears apart easily. Once applied to a surface, the label cannot be removed in one piece. The strong adhesive and easily-fragmented material means that it is difficult to remove the entire label; pieces are left behind. This means that you can quickly spot evidence of tampering or attempts at removal, and it also means the label cannot be reused or repositioned, deterring counterfeiting or rebranding as well as theft.

Security seal labels also give the consumer the guarantee that your product is untouched and is exactly what is pictured on the packaging. This is an easy way to prevent expensive and quality made products from getting interfered with. These are tamper proof security labels that ensure the excellence and quality of your products remains intact. Just the visible presence of a security seal label can help prevent the product from being tampered with as it is a deterrent that has proven successful for many manufacturers.

We have many years of experience within this marketplace and can produce tamper proof labels incorporating other features such as customised hot foil text and logos, optically variable devices such as holographic images and serialised/variable industrial barcode labels along with security cuts. We offer many security labels from stock.

The ultra-destructible labels can be printed to portray an exclusive "premium product look", a "high tech" look, a "security message" or whatever image you want to portray on the label to add a unique touch to your brands or assets. At its best a high quality ultra-destructible label can be an effective "silent salesperson" simply because it is visible and gives confidence to your customer that the product they have purchased is a real product and not a cheap counterfeit copy. Whatever type of ultra-destructible label you are looking for, we have got the answer, so please give us a call.

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